Yohoho io

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Yohoho io is an online battle royale game that features pirates as its main characters and takes place somewhere in the Caribbean. A treasure map has lead several cutthroats to an uninhabited island and only the toughest and the craftiest ones will survive to take the riches for themselves. With only swords at their disposal they have to fight one another in the bloodiest of battles while staying within the borders of the map that constantly shrinks in size.

Control your pirate with W, A, S and D, look around with the mouse and click LMB to attack. Yohoho also features a unique mechanic of charging your attacks: you can hold the mouse button until your sword starts glowing. Release it and deal even more damage.

Every character in Yohoho.io has a life bar that make it easier to tell how many hits it will take to kill an enemy. Stay away from intense battles unless you’re sure that you can take the heat. Another thing to be aware of is the poison that’s coming from all sides making the playable area smaller – don’t breathe in its deadly fumes.

If you need to take a break from work or school tasks, a quick Yohoho io game is the perfect way to forget about your troubles and have some fun for free.

We recommend playing in Wormax io.


  • maurcio


    04 july 2020, 00:57

    and this game is easy

  • maurcio


    04 july 2020, 00:57


  • maurcio


    04 july 2020, 00:57


  • maurcio


    04 july 2020, 00:58


  • plugcracked


    09 december 2020, 13:56

    I really like your post because this post is very helpful to me and it gives me new perspectives

  • bigstickvic572


    10 february 2021, 09:09

    ummm its not even a game just a screen

  • utfiktdyrd


    12 march 2021, 13:26

    this is trash

  • David


    24 march 2021, 15:32

    Did i get it

  • TheGamer


    25 march 2021, 15:15


  • jarrett


    25 march 2021, 17:14

    i love this game

  • jarrett


    25 march 2021, 17:14

    i love this game

  • Jon


    09 april 2021, 14:28


  • Darius


    28 april 2021, 23:21


  • Zack Witte

    Zack Witte

    03 may 2021, 00:48

    Het is wel een paar dagen

  • Oscar


    04 may 2021, 02:00

    how can i get a hacks on this and till me ok :)

  • Melise


    04 may 2021, 02:49

    How do you play this and is it going to be blocked

  • Gabe


    18 may 2021, 13:29

    this game is fun

  • Gabe


    18 may 2021, 13:29

    this is fun

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